5 Ways to a Stronger Immune System with SUP

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All of us here at iROCKER are hoping our UK friends and fans are staying well throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you’re feeling well, you might be finding that stress and too much time on the couch are beginning to take their toll. You’re not alone! In this post, we’re going to talk about 5 ways a healthy SUP lifestyle can add up to a stronger immune system and help you live a fun, healthy and low-stress life.

5 Ways to a Stronger Immune System with SUP

#1: Paddle for Your Muscles

#2: Paddle to Burn Calories

#3: Paddle for Heart Health

#4: Paddle to Beat Stress

#5: Paddle for Sunshine and Vitamin D

#1: Paddle for Your Muscles

If you’ve got a steady SUP habit going already, then you know how beneficial SUP is for muscle tone, core strength and overall health. If you’re new to SUP, you might be surprised at what a serious workout an hour of paddling is.

Stand up paddle boarding will give you a good full-body workout. Best of all, it really works your core muscles. All of that work adds up to improved body balance, too.

#2: Paddle to Burn Calories

We’re hearing from our fans that lockdown has added up to a little extra weight with more sitting and less moving. SUP is your solution if you’ve packed on a few stones lately.

An hour of stand up paddle boarding can burn about 300 calories on the low end, or up to 750 (or more) with a rigorous routine like SUP racing. Let’s break down some of our favorite SUP activities for burning calories.

SUP Surfing

SUP surfing is definitely a calorie-burner. It’s also a skills tester so if you’re the high-octane type of paddler and you haven’t tried SUP surfing, you’ll want to put this one on your list.

In a vigorous hour of SUP surfing, you can burn about 750 calories. If the surf’s really up, you might burn up to 1,000 calories!

Bonus Info: SUP surfing is the original SUP. You can read all about the history of stand up paddle boarding here. It’s a fun read.

SUP Racing

SUP racing is a heart-pounding and thrilling way to paddle. Of course, it’s a group activity and with lockdown, group SUP might be tough to arrange. But once you’re ready for group SUP or some good, clean, family-friendly fun, try SUP racing.

SUP racing can be done on a straight-away or obstacle-course style. Depending on how fast and hard you paddle, you can work off a minimum of 700 calories an hour. Plus, it’s fun!

SUP Yoga

We know many thousands of our fans are into SUP yoga. Worldwide, SUP yoga is a fast-growing sport and no wonder: tt’s a brilliant workout for mind and body. It’s also a great calorie-burner. In an hour or so of SUP yoga, you can burn off about 400 calories.

Paddle for Sunshine and Vitamin D | BLACKFIN Paddle Boards

#3: Paddle for Heart Health

When it comes to boosting your immune system, being fit and lean is helpful but let’s not forget about your vital organs. Your heart supplies every cell in your body with blood and oxygen. A healthy heart directly benefits your immune system, and a healthy immune system helps you fight off viruses (like coronavirus) and other illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

If there’s one thing you decide to do for yourself, it should be working on a healthy heart. A regular SUP routine will help you do that.

Paddle for Heart Health | NAUTICAL Paddle Boards

#4: Paddle to Beat Stress

Too much stress is bad for your heart and your overall health. With social isolation, many of our fans are reporting higher stress levels over being quarantined, missing their income and missing out on regular exercise. The problem is, that extra stress is bad for your health and your immune system.

Getting up and getting moving is proven to help control stress. What better way to do that than with a lovely day of stand up paddle boarding?

Tip: One our favorite ways to SUP away stress is in kayak mode. There’s something beautiful about slowing down and paddling along a canopied stream for a change of pace and scenery.

Paddle to Beat Stress | iROCKER Paddle Boards

#5: Paddle for Sunshine and Vitamin D

Getting enough Vitamin D is a challenge in the best of times. The UK isn’t exactly known for its never-ending days of sunshine! Winter makes it even harder. But nothing makes getting natural Vitamin D from sunshine harder than quarantine.

Worldwide, an estimated 40 percent of people lack enough Vitamin D to maintain a healthy immune system. So if you’re a bit pale and low on D, you’re not alone. You can pop a vitamin pill or get outside, hop on your iSUP, and get Vitamin D the natural way.

What else are you doing to stay healthy during quarantine? We’d love to hear all about it. Contact us using the fields below or touch base with our team on our social.

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