Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Your Family in the Time of Social Distancing

How to SUP Safely through the Pandemic | iROCKER Paddle Boards

With all of the UK and much of Europe in lockdown to wait out the coronavirus, kids and parents might be getting a bit edgy at home. The Prime Minister’s video explaining the lockdown rules stipulates that it’s ok to go outdoors for running, walking or bicycling solo or with members of your household, but only once per day. Violators will be subject to fines of £30.

So what’s a family to do for family-oriented exercise during the lockdown? Well, with a bit of planning, you can get your exercise as a family so long as you abide by the social distancing rules and respect the government’s instruction to exercise only with your immediate family members who live with you.

If you’re inclined to postpone your outdoor activities out of extreme caution or because you or someone in your family may have underlying health conditions, then you can use this time at home to plan a fun family outing once everything clears.

So in this post we’re going to share some tips and ideas for getting yourself and your family off the sofa for some healthy exercise in line with social distancing recommendations.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Your Family in the Time of Social Distancing

How to SUP Safely through the Pandemic

Planning for Safe SUP

Remember to Send Us Your SUP Videos and Pics

How to SUP Safely through the Pandemic

If you or the members of your family are getting itchy with all of this lockdown time at home, you’re not alone. Maybe a family online research project can help shake off the boredom. We’re pretty sure it will!

If you or anyone in your family hasn’t tried stand up paddle boarding yet, there’s quite a lot you can learn about the sport from home. Doing the research together adds to the fun.

Learning where to SUP, all of the different ways to SUP (flat, glassy water or fast, rolling rapids), how to paddle properly and even shopping online for a gorgeous first iSUP will hold your interest.
Speaking of gorgeous iSUPs, feast your eyes on the 2020 iROCKER design:

SUP Safely through the Pandemic | iROCKER Paddle Boards

We’ve put together some instructional SUP videos to help beginners learn about stand up paddling and proper technique. Even if you’re a SUP veteran, these videos might be a good refresher for you. Who knows, you might even learn something new.

If you already own a stand up paddle board, a bit of online shopping for new gear or accessories is always fun. At times like these, a simple new cell phone holder can put a smile on your face!

If you’re new to SUP and looking for your first stand up paddle board, then you’re really in for some fun. Be sure to check out our all-new NAUTICAL board, specially designed for newbies. It’s engineered to make paddling fun, safe and low-stress, and at a great entry-level price point.

Our website has a handy brand comparison tool you and your family members can use to compare different iSUPs, features, colors, and price. Try it. You’ll like it!

Planning for Safe SUP | NAUTICAL Paddle Boards

Planning for Safe SUP

Once you finish your iSUP board and gear research, it’s time to start planning for some safe SUP.

The UK has so many amazing places for stand up paddle boarding. Some perfect SUP spots might not be open right now due to coronavirus, so you’ll want to research locations before venturing out.

Nothing can spoil a good day of SUP like packing up and trekking to the water, only to find out it’s closed.

While you’re researching good SUP spots, put some thought into the time you’ll need to get there and get back, and the gear you’ll need to take with you to guarantee maximum fun and minimal stress

Planning for Safe SUP

Here’s a list to get you started on a stress-free day of safe family SUP:

  1. Figure out how much time you’ll need for packing up your boards and gear, driving to your SUP destination, and getting home.
  2. Plan for the weather and be sure to bring along extra dry clothes for the ride back.
  3. Plan to get hungry and thirsty. SUP is a workout even if you go it slow and easy. So be sure to pack plenty of drinks and snacks for everyone in the family.
  4. Prepare your troops for wobbles and falls. It happens! You can even make falling off fun by letting the kids capture your fall on video.
  5. Use your drive time to talk about safe SUP tips. (And be sure to watch this video for our beginner tips for inflating your iSUP and the right way to hold your paddle.)
  6. Put someone in charge of handling the camera. You’ll enjoy your family SUP pics and videos once you’re back at home.

Remember to Send Us Your SUP Videos and Pics

Once you get your research and online shopping squared away, get out there and enjoy a family day of stand up paddle boarding!

Once you do, please remember to send us your SUP videos and pics. You can reach us on our Facebook page or our website. And remember, we’re here to answer all of your questions about stand up paddle boarding!

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