Brace Yourself, Mate: Introducing the Amazing New NAUTICAL iSUP

NAUTICAL Paddle Boards | 2020 iSUP

Are you ready for some really amazing news? We sure hope so because this post comes with a grand announcement. Ready? Today, we are excited to introduce you to the amazing new NAUTICAL iSUP, our latest and oh-so-awesome new stand up paddle board.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Isn’t she fantastic? Now, you probably notice a few interesting details about this board. We’ll go over all of that in a minute so you understand why we’re so excited (and you will be, too).

The all-new NAUTICAL iSUP is a project of love for our team. We’ve been looking into ways to get more newbies interested in SUP (including our own friends and family who don’t join us yet). So we conducted some research, asked about for ideas and input, and the wonderful result is the lovely NAUTICAL.

If you’ve got a non-SUPer in your circle who is thinking about it but not “there” yet, this is the board that will turn them into a believer. This is because we built NAUTICAL to address the top desires of new and aspiring SUPers.

Brace Yourself, Mate: Introducing the Amazing New NAUTICAL iSUP

NAUTICAL is Built for New Paddlers

Have Goals? Get NAUTICAL.

NAUTICAL is Built for New Paddlers

2020 NAUTICAL Inflatable Paddle Boards

New paddlers (or those giving it some thought) have told us their top concerns are the price for getting started, fear of the unknown, time to get up and going, and that they’re not sure they’ll like SUP over the gym or some other outdoor sport like running.

Considering all of that, we designed NAUTICAL to meet the needs and worries of new SUPers whilst staying true to all the things we’ve learned over the years about how to make the best possible iSUPs and gear.

So when designing NAUTICAL, we knew we had to achieve three important goals:

  1. Make NAUTICAL as affordable as possible without compromising durability or quality
  2. Make NAUTICAL strong without making it heavy or bulky
  3. Make NAUTICAL better for newbies so they’ll fall in love with SUP

One thing we knew without a doubt was that budget shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone wanting to take up SUP. We took a fresh look at our materials, design and features to find ways to reduce our manufacturing costs without zero shortcuts on quality, durability, stability and safety.

We ultimately decided we could simplify some of the attachments, streamline the board design for the needs of new paddlers, and make some tiny feature updates as well. The results are marvelous!

Another thing we did is create an a la carte ordering process. After all, if you aren’t much of a holiday traveller, you’re probably not really keen on investing in the roller back pack that comes with the BLACKFIN package, right?

With NAUTICAL, you get your choice of three colors and some optional upgrades to choose now or later. This keeps your up-front cost low and gives you time to learn how you’ll SUP. Will you want to sit down for a kayak, take up SUP yoga or just take it easy on calm water? With NAUTICAL, learn at your own speed and investment in optional gear when (or if) you decide to.

Ok, are you ready for the Big Price Reveal?

Hint: you might want to grab a pint or a bottle of bubbly because this is cause for celebration!

The all-new NAUTICAL stand up paddle board package is priced at just £388.00!

And don’t go thinking the low price means sacrifice. It definitely does not! NAUTICAL comes complete with all of the following:

  • NAUTICAL iSUP measuring 32″ Wide x 10’6” long
  • NAUTICAL Back Pack
  • Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle
  • NAUTICAL Ankle Leash
  • A Single Chamber, Dual Action Hand pump
  • A Handy Repair Kit
  • Free Standard Shipping to Europe
  • Choice of three colors (check out the white!)
  • Our Awesome Warranty

Here’s a pic of the complete package. Pretty sweet, right?

2020 Paddle Boards | NAUTICAL Launched

Have Goals? Get NAUTICAL.

One thing we learned when talking to aspiring paddlers is that getting fit and staying fit are major 2020 goals. Some told us their main interest is burning some calories. Others told us they simply want a new and interesting exercise obsession.

Want to see NAUTICAL in action? You can! Here’s a video we made to show you how she moves through the water?

Tip: picture yourself in this video. Looks fun, doesn’t it? Oh, and that boat! #goals

One thing is certain when it comes to anyone and everyone thinking about SUP: being healthy is a top priority.

If that sounds a bit like you, then NAUTICAL just might be the perfect starter iSUP you need in your life. Check it out here, pick your color and your optional gear, and you’ll be out on the water on your gorgeous new iSUP in a few days!

Questions? We’re here for you! Reach out to one of us on Facebook or drop us a line using the fields below.

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