Planning a SUP Holiday? Here’s How to Pack, Store and Transport Your Inflatable Paddle Board

We wrote a post recently about about planning a winter SUP holiday. If you didn’t see that one, be sure to check it out here. It’s got lots of great ideas for where to SUP this winter. Whether you’re planning a winter SUP trip or a winter SUP break, this post is all about how to pack, store and transport your inflatable paddle board.

Step One: Cleaning Your Paddle Board

Step Two: Use the Right Equipment

Step Three: Plan Your Winter Escape

Step One: Cleaning Your Paddle Board

A squeaky clean board is a happy board. The same goes for your equipment. Your paddle, fins and even your carry strap need to be good and clean before you pack them up to store or travel.

Here’s how to give all your iROCKER or BLACKFIN equipment a proper clean:

  1. Give everything a good hosing off with cool, fresh water. You don’t want to scrub at this stage. Just hose everything off for several minutes so there’s absolutely no dirt, salt, sand or anything else sticking to your board or accessories.
  2. Once everything is washed off, it’s time to soap it all up. Be sure to use a green soap that’s non-abrasive and a super-soft shammy like this one.
  3. Once you’ve scrubbed every square inch of your paddle board and parts, it’s time to hose things off again. It’s a good idea to do this twice or even thrice to make sure there’s not a single bubble left.
  4. Once there’s no sign of suds, it’s time to give everything a good dry. The same shammy you scrubbed with should do the trick. A few minutes in the sun won’t hurt, either. Take your time with this because proper drying is key to safe storage.

Here’s a thought: While you’re getting down and dirty with your clean board and accessories, why don’t you give all your equipment a good check? Is everything in great shape? Do you have all the accessories you need (or want)? This is a great time to order new or replacement parts!

Step Two: Use the Right Equipment

You can store a clean board in a corner if you like. It makes a sharp household accessory! But if space is at a premium or, better yet, you’re planning a winter holiday, then you’ll want to store your paddle board in a proper pack.

To do this right, you’ll need a good pump to deflate your board and a sturdy pack to store or travel with it. And here’s some great news: we’ve got you covered with both!

Our Full Throttle HP6 Hand Pump is spot on for speedy inflating and deflating but if you want to treat yourself to something extra, this is a great time to think about our Electric SUP Pump. It’s compact, lightweight and gets the job done in mere minutes. Plus, it saves your arms from all of that pumping.

Once every bit of air is deflated from your paddle board, you’ll want to roll it up right. See this video for our tips on this.

Next, you’ll want to take your paddle apart, detach your accessories, and then pack it all up into a good quality bag made for stand up paddle boards. Whatever you do, don’t try to stuff your beautiful iROCKER and SUP accessories into the wrong kind of bag. That’s like drinking a pint out of a paper cup. Don’t do it!

Tip: Make absolutely certain all equipment is thoroughly dry before packing it away for travel or long-term storage. You don’t want mould and mildew growing on your paddle board!

We put as much thought into designing our storage bags as we did into our paddle boards. We make two types. One is perfect for simple storage and transport. The second has wheels for pulling your board through a train station or airport.

The iROCKER Premium Back Pack Carry Bag

The iROCKER Premium Back Pack Carry Bag is great for storing your board away for the winter or taking it on a road trip. It has padding in all the right spots to make carrying quite comfortable, and specially designed compartments to hold everything in its place. It’s also priced right and included with several iROCKER paddle board packages.

BLACKFIN Roller Travel Back Pack

If you’ve got an airport or train station in your future, then a bag with wheels might be more up your alley. Our BLACKFIN Roller Travel Back Pack is just the ticket. Like the iROCKER back pack carry bag, it is specially designed to carry your board and accessories, and it comes with some added touches perfect for planes and trains. For one, it’s got cinching straps inside and out to keep everything snug and to prevent shifting. For another, it’s got wheels.
Yes, wheels!
Whichever bag meets your needs, pack everything up safe and sound, and you’ll be ready to go.

Step Three: Plan Your Winter Escape

Speaking of going, where will you go? We want to know all about it (and we might just see you there). Share your travel plans and pics with us on Facebook or get in touch using the fields below.

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