How to Bust Stress with Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Feeling a bit stressed this winter? You’re not alone. All the after-holiday hustle is not only exhausting, it’s stressful. So today we’re looking at the many ways you can bust stress with stand up paddle boarding.

Hopefully, paddling is a part of your regular fitness routine. If it is or even if it isn’t, this post is all about how SUP can feed your mind, body and soul and in the process, put stress where it belongs — out of your life.

How Paddle Boarding Feeds Your Mind

How Paddle Boarding Feeds Your Body

How Paddle Boarding Feeds Your Zen

Bonus: Your Ultimate Stress Buster

How Paddle Boarding is Feeds Your Mind

You might not realize how much mental energy goes into stand up paddling. After the initial mental focus of learning the proper techniques, certain things like balance and paddling might not seem to require much mental energy.

Like muscles, the brain develops a certain “muscle memory” and you just go through the strokes without much mental focus.

But the truth is, paddle boarding does require mental focus, even if it you’re a pro paddler and don’t think you’re putting much thought into your routine. This kind of mental focus is a great way to put stress out of your mind.

When you’re focused on your paddling, you’re not focused on stress at home, work, school or anywhere else. Sure, stressful thoughts can creep in from time to time, even during the most perfect SUP sesh.

Here’s a tip: make a point to put all stressful thoughts out of your mind while you’re paddling. This kind of thought control helps train your brain to be stress-free.

Plus, if you’re challenging yourself to learning new maneuvers, testing a new board or amping up your adrenaline, paddle boarding is a perfect way to get your thoughts in check.

How Paddle Boarding Feeds Your Body

You hear us talk a lot about how good SUP is for your fitness and it is. Even if you’re coming back from an injury or a surgery, you’re going to get a workout any time you get on your board. But if you’re serious about burning calories and getting fit with SUP, then you’re going to crush those goals.

This is because stand up paddle boarding demands full body focus, from your head to your feet and everywhere in between. When you’re focused on your fitness, you can’t worry about stress back on land.

So if stress is taking a toll on you, make a point to get serious about your SUP moves. Challenge yourself with a new routine such as an uncharted waterway, scheduling a SUP race with your mates or learning SUP yoga.

Tip: if you are thinking about mastering a new SUP level, SUP races are a great way to spend quality time with your family, co-workers or mates. Kick up the fun with a SUP scavenger hunt or charity event.

How Paddle Boarding Feeds Your Zen

Once your mind and your body are in sync with your SUP, the natural next benefit is for your soul. There’s something magical about the way harmony sets in when your body’s systems are working together toward a common healthy goal.

To make certain you’re upping your Zen when you SUP, make a routine of meditating while paddling. Of course, you’ll want a calm cove or quiet spot for this. So find your perfect place, take a seat, close your eyes, regulate your breathing and count in for 1, 2, 3, 4, then out for 1, 2, 3, 4, repeat for 1, 2, 3, 4….

You totally just did that breathing exercise, didn’t you?

The mental and physical concentration SUP demands is good for your mind, body and your soul. If you make a point to meditate during every SUP sesh, your soul with thank you for it.

SUP Zen is one of the primary reasons SUP yoga is so popular. A few minutes of yoga poses and concentrated breathing will do your soul some good. To get started with SUP yoga, think about trying one new pose every time you go out for a paddle.

You can find all kinds of helpful hints here for SUP yoga. If you’re a little intimidated about attempting downward dog on your iROCKER, check out this video for some pro instruction.

Bonus: Your Ultimate Stress Buster

Now that you’ve put some good effort into bettering your mind, body and soul with SUP, you deserve some pampering. Pop over to our gear page to check out some awesome SUP accessories to make your every SUP sesh your best SUP sesh.

We’re always thinking about new ways to make SUP better than ever and let’s face it, nothing says de-stress like our amazing electric SUP pump. (Yes, you want this in your life!)

We’d love to hear how stand up paddle boarding helps bust the stress out of your day. Tell us your tips and tricks using the fields below or get in touch with our team on Facebook. And remember, we love your SUP selfies!

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