How Many Calories Can an Average Bloke Burn with Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

how many calories does paddle boarding burn

Who went a little overboard this holiday season with pasties and pints? If you did, you’re not alone. We’re getting literally bombarded with questions about burning calories with SUP. So if you did eat a little too much over the holidays or simply want to get into tip-top shape in 2020, this post is all about how many calories an average bloke can burn with stand up paddle boarding.
Spoiler alert: you can burn a lot of calories with stand up paddle boarding!
There are many ways to SUP, from slow and easy to fast and furious. This means the calorie burn in an hour of SUP can range from about 300 on the low end to over 1,000 on the higher end. We’re here to break down the calorie burn facts and figures for you so you know what you can expect from your next SUP workout.

Slow and Easy Stand Up Paddling Can Burn 300-to-400 Calories

If you’re new to SUP and need to get the hang of it, or simply want to take your SUP sesh slow ‘n easy, you can still expect a great benefit. In a single hour of slow and easy SUP on a calm stretch of water, you can expect to burn 300-to-400 calories.
Even at a slow and easy pace, SUP does more than just burn calories. It’s a full body workout, with benefits to your arms, shoulders, core, back and legs. It’s also a healthy mind exercise for stress relief and getting back to nature.
The art of balancing on your iROCKER on water is easily mastered, and simply balancing will give you healthy benefits. When you’re ready to hop up and begin paddling, you’ll also increase your calorie burn.
Gently paddling along for about an hour can burn around 300 calories. Pushing yourself to paddle harder and faster can burn another 100 calories in that same hour.
You can also increase calorie burn out of your workout time by walking or biking your board to the water.

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Comparing SUP for Best Calorie Burn

We are unabashedly biased around here about the benefits and sheer fun of SUP. It’s all we do! That said, we are serious about the science behind stand up paddle boarding and its benefits.
So without bias, here are our team’s top plugs for SUP as a top workout choice:

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  1. SUP is an ideal exercise for cross-training. A SUP workout works your entire body, strengthens your core and improves your overall balance.
  2. SUP is great for clearing the mind and communing with nature. SUP yoga takes gentle SUP up several notches in terms of calorie burn. It also feeds the mind and spirit with traditional yoga disciplines like proper breathing and focus.
  3. SUP is fun for the whole bunch of you. This is because SUP is a workout where many people at varying fitness levels can participate together. (And this is why we build boards for every skill level.)

Burn More Calories with a More Extreme SUP Routine

SUP is also a perfect solution for more extreme sporting enthusiasts. Higher energy workouts like SUP surfing and SUP racing will help you burn more calories and get into your best shape ever.

If you want to burn 750 or more calories in an hour of SUP, here are some ways to do it:

  1. Build some SUP yoga time into your SUP sesh. This is a great way to get the most for your body and your mind, and also increase your calorie burn.
  2. Add traditional body weight exercises to your SUP routine. Planks, pushups and squats require more strength and focus on water compared to dry land. You’ll tone up faster and burn more calories, too.
  3. Try SUP with your pup. The only thing better than a SUP session solo is a SUP session with your best mate. It’s great bonding time for the both of you and will make you work a wee bit harder on balance and paddling.
  4. SUP racing is a thing and it’s awesome! We first gave SUP racing a go at an iROCKER team building event and now we’re hooked on it. You can SUP race with a group of SUP mates or plan a special event around a charity or special occasion. To make your SUP race extra fun, think about turning the race into a scavenger hunt for pints.

Tip: family holiday time takes on new meaning with SUP

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Customize Your SUP Workout to Your Fitness Goals

Because stand up paddle boarding is diverse enough for newbies and challenging enough for pros, it’s diverse enough for practically anyone. Whether your goal is to get fit, drop a few stones, spend time alone or with someone special, or get closer to nature, SUP lets you work out the way you want.
Go slow and easy to burn 300 calories in an hour, or amp things up to burn 750 calories or more. It’s totally your choice!
We’d love to hear about your fitness goals and your plan to reach them. Get in touch with us using these fields below or even better, talk with us on Facebook.

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