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How to Plan a Perfect Winter Paddle Board Holiday

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Does a long, cold winter sound like the worst thing ever? To most stand up paddle boarders, it does. It certainly does around here at iROCKER but we don’t let cold weather get us down. We simply plan a winter paddle board holiday somewhere warm!
We’re talking 26 degrees, tropical drinks with the little umbrella thingie and paddle boarding every day in sunshine.
If this sounds like your kind of winter, then read on, mate. This post is all about how to plan a perfect winter paddle board holiday.
How to Plan a Perfect Winter Paddle Board Holiday
Top Winter SUP Destinations

How to Plan a Perfect Winter Paddle Board Holiday

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Like most good adventures, an ounce or two of good planning up front will guarantee pounds of fun down the lane. When it comes to a perfect winter paddle board holiday, the little details make all the difference.
Knowing where to go at the right price and with the ideal paddle spots takes a bit of planning.  Then you’ve got to consider other details like budget, travel time and safety.
If your perfect winter paddle board holiday includes paddle mates, then you need to get their opinions and ideas into the mix, too.
In the end, the small up-front effort will pay off in spades and you’ll have the winter holiday every SUP junkie dreams about.
Remember: A bit of planning now promises perfect SUP time after you arrive.
When you’re working on your winter SUP holiday plans, we recommend investing in some solid research:

  1. Research perfect destinations. If you and your mates only have a week of holiday time, then you want to find a destination that’s easy to get to. Australia and Bali might sound dreamy (and they are) but flying to those places takes days.
  2. Identify the best places to sleep. Surf motels and camps are easy enough to spot and of course, there’s also AirBnB and VRBO. Wherever you stay, you need to make sure your host is set up for a group of paddle boarders and their gear. Is there room in a secure spot for your board? Is there a hose to clean your gear? What about safety, security and access to the prime paddle spots? Ask all of your questions before booking your reservation.
  3. Find the prime paddle spots before you go. Depending on the type of paddler you and your mates are, the paddle spots might be just as important as the destination. Do you want the thrill of a surf or the calm of a gentle brook? Discuss, decide and then make sure that postcard-perfect destination you’ve chosen has the perfect paddle spots to suit your type.
  4. Plan to handle a few surprises. In spite of even the best planning, little surprises can interrupt any holiday if you’re not prepared. So listen to your mum and be prepared with some extra gear, a patch kit and a good dry case to protect your mobile.

Tip: Don’t forget pics and vids! Even better if you or one of your mates brings a GoPro.

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Top Winter SUP Destinations

The world may be your oyster but when it comes to planning a perfect winter SUP holiday, it’s a bit smaller.
To make the most of your time away, consider these important details:

  1. Travel time required
  2. Estimated travel costs
  3. Perfect paddle spots for everyone in your group
  4. Security and safety

With those things top of mind, here’s our short list for some perfect winter SUP destinations.

United States

Florida in the United States is a tried and true favorite for any winter holiday. For SUPers, it’s a sure thing.
Flights to Florida from major cities in Europe are fairly affordable and efficient. Once there, a hired car will give you all the freedom you need to roam all over the state. Visit Mickey and friends at Disney World, test the epic surf at New Smyrna Beach on the east coast, and soak up the sun on white crystal sands on the west coast.
Our absolute favorite places for Florida stand up paddle boarding are:

  1. Florida’s First Coast. This region in the state’s northeast corner includes the major metropolitan city of Jacksonville and America’s oldest city, St. Augustine. There’s no end to affordable paddle-friendly places to stay and awesome spots for paddling.
  2. The Gulf Coast. This west coast of Florida always makes the lists of “best beaches”. We know why! Long, wide stretches of pure white sand, warm water all year ‘round and a casual vibe from residents and visitors. In the medium-sized town of St. Petersburg, you’ll find gobs of fun nightlife, great food and lots of live music from a water-loving crowd. Our absolute favorite beach on the Florida gulf is Clearwater Beach. Plan to go there for at least one full day of sun, surf, shopping and a fresh Florida grouper sandwich.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands was ravaged by two enormous Cat 5 hurricanes in 2017, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Irma. But in the time since, there’s been a massive effort to  revitalize the beaches and famous tiki bars there. Same a short skip away in the US Virgin Islands, where flights straight into St. Thomas are simple to find and affordable.
There’s a long list of beaches for paddle boarding.
Tip: Hire a boat and captain to take you island hopping for a day. You can see amazing sights such as the famous Baths (short for batholiths) on Virgin Gorda, and then sip a famous Soffy Dollar painkillers on Jost Van Dyke.
Take note: Air and water temps in the Virgin Islands stay around 26 degrees all year.

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Tell Us all about Your Epic Paddle Board Holiday

Now that you know exactly where you want to holiday and all the perfect paddle spots once you get there, you’re ready to start packing! And please remember to tell us all about your paddle boarding holiday. Send us your GoPro vids over on our Facebook page. It will be a bit like taking a SUP holiday with you.

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