Why SUP?

Since you’re reading this, you might already know that everyone here at iROCKER is a giant SUP enthusiast. It’s all we do! SUP in the morning, SUP at lunch, SUP at night and all weekend long. So when a SUP newbie contacted us on Facebook to ask, “Why SUP,” we were more than just a little surprised. After all, why not SUP, right?
We try to give careful thought and thorough answers to each and every question we get from SUP fans and newbies alike, so we decided to give some serious thought to this one. 

Top 5 Reasons for “Why SUP?”

We could easily itemize hundreds of reasons why we SUP. Exercise? Check. Meditation? Yep. Fun with mates? Absolutely! But we figured this question needed some serious thought. So here they are, the iROCKER team’s top 5 reasons for why SUP.

1. SUP is the Perfect Exercise for Every Fitness Type

SUP can be a serious workout. If that’s your thing and you’re the high-energy type, then SUP is your next obsession. If you’re more of the sleep in a little type, take a slow walk next to a gentle surf, then SUP is also for you. Maybe you like yoga. Then you’ll love SUP yoga.
You get the idea.
SUP is exactly the workout you want, from a gentle float to a vigorous paddle on the rapids. And this is one of our favorite things about SUP — no one you know (including you) has an excuse to not give SUP a try. You’ll hop on a get going on your first day out and in minutes, you’ll be mastering your new fave workout.

2. SUP is the Perfect Post-injury Exercise

If you’ve had a surgery recently or are recovering from some kind of injury, SUP will get you moving again, at your speed and on your recovery schedule.
Even if you’re not quite ready to paddle your arms and balance on a stand up paddle board, SUP is right for your recovery. This is because you can use your board to float or even as a kickboard. Once you’re ready, pop up to a kneeling or even a sitting position and, finally, to a full standing position. If you need a partner to help, even better. SUP is good solo and with a mate.

3. SUP is the Perfect Friends and Family Exercise

So many sports require years of lessons or practice, and maybe even other people. Tennis, for example. You can’t play tennis alone and it takes more than a bit of practice to play at all.
Not so with SUP! SUP will have you feeling like a pro on a few tries. Go solo if you’re looking for some quiet SUP fishing time or take all your mates for paddle-to-pints kind of day. SUP works for all experience levels and all activity levels.
Maybe you’ve got a mate who wants to SUP with you but doesn’t own their own paddle board. No problem! If you have an iROCKER ALL-AROUND, you can take your mate along for the ride!

4. SUP is Perfect for Team-building at Work

A team building event on the water beats office gossip around the water cooler, hands down! Even in the cold of winter, a team SUP outing is the best way we can think of for building rapport with office mates.
If you’re on the committee to plan your next office event, think about a SUP outing. You can make it fun with an obstacle course, an easy race or event a charity fundraiser.
Even on a cold winter day, a SUP outing with co-workers beats another boring office party around the water cooler. To add to the bonding and really build teamwork, plan a SUP office party with an obstacle course or short race course. Maybe even try your hand at a SUP scavenger hunt. In the end, you’ll have some new SUP mates to join you on future paddles and a few good laughs to take back to the office.

5. Everyone Can Afford to SUP

We are often asked about the cost of a new stand up paddle board and the gear to go with it. We have good news for you! Yes, SUP requires a board, a paddle and a leash but you can afford it!
Plus, if you decide to make an iROCKER your first (and last) paddle board, you’ll get free shipping by Royal Mail. Win-win!
Besides a board, a paddle and a leash, the only thing you need to take up SUP is a bit of time. Whatever you’ve got, an hour or so or a full week, SUP fits right into your schedule. No gym hours or court time to schedule and no gym fees!

What’s Your Answer for Why SUP?

Once you get started with your own SUP routine, you’ll probably have your own answer to the brilliant question, “Why SUP?” Share your top reasons with us. Just get in touch using the form below or chat with us on our Facebook. We love meeting new SUP mates!


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