iROCKER SUP Makes Travel a Breeze

iRocker Cruiser paddle boards U.K.

Did you ever pass on an awesome stand up paddle board trip because of the hassles of carrying it or getting it on an airplane? You’re not alone.

The difficulty of traveling by plane with a stand up paddle board is a thing of the past, thanks to the iROCKER inflatable SUP.

Going on holiday is one of the most rewarding things in life. There are so many exciting places to discover and new friends to meet.

For SUP enthusiasts, however, the costs of traveling with a bulky board often mean staying home instead. Until now.

Once iROCKER introduced the unbelievably easy, versatile and travel-friendly inflatable SUP, travel hassles turned to travel bliss.

Nothing comes close to the peace and serenity that you feel when grabbing your paddle board and heading out to a new paradise.  Now, iROCKER makes it just as easy to travel with it.


In order to travel on British Airways with a board, it has to be stored in a recognised bag and if it’s larger than the required size, you could incur a heavy penalty charge.


Your iROCKER board conveniently deflates down to the size of a carry-on or could easily go on the plane as a checked bag, reducing cost and problems while traveling to your next holiday destination.

You don’t have to make any compromises in quality, durability or integrity with your iROCKER SUP, just because you gain convenience.  You can have the confidence of hassle-free travel and the extreme satisfaction that your iROCKER board can handle anything you put in front of it. It’s lightweight, under 1three kilograms and can handle up to 159 kilograms.

iROCKER SUP packages include:

Travel bag, a fin that is removable, a kit for repairs, and an Aluminum three piece paddle that reduces in size to fit nicely into your bag. This paddle collapses down to a third of its size for easy stow away. You can also check out additional gear here. This high-quality, incredibly durable, board can go anywhere!

It’s so compact and easy, your iROCKER stand up paddle board inflates with hardly any effort and deflates down to the size of a sleeping bag. Anywhere that you go, your stand up paddle board can go with you.

Time and time again, iROCKER has shown that high quality, versatility and durability will not be compromised. Ease of travel is just another bonus.

You’ll find yourself wishing that your whole trip could be as effortless as your iROCKER SUP! So, whatever holiday you take, make sure that don’t leave home without it!

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