Inflatable SUP vs. Hard SUP


iSUPs are rising in popularity for a reason, with iRocker being the best of the best (maybe we’re biased, but our customers certainly agree.) We’ve done the research, and we’ve created a product that can go head-to-head with any hard board. Why should you go inflatable?


This one’s simple. An inflatable board can be rolled up while a hard board requires a large van or pick-up truck. iSUPs can be packed into the small duffel bag that comes with every iRocker for easy travel by car, plane, train…you get the point. For even easier transport, iRocker sells a bag on wheels. Hey, this might be the first time backpacks on wheels are considered “cool.” You’re welcome.

Helpful Tip: An iSUP will inflate a little after several hours in the sun, so heading to the sand to let out some air pressure is smart. On the contrary, an iSUP will lose air pressure after hours in the cold. Fill it up a bit after about three hours.


Contrary to popular opinion, inflatable paddle boards are more durable than hard boards. iSUPs are built to be rugged, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

Think about it this way, if your inflatable board hits a rock, the tough layering will bounce right off. If your epoxy, carbon or fiberglass board bumps a rock, the chance of dings, cracks and gashes is much higher. So embrace the rocky beaches and rapids, your iRocker is ready for the challenge.

Bonus: If your iSUP has a little accident, iRocker offers a two year warranty that covers any damage outside of regular wear and tear. Gives you an idea of how confident we are in the quality of our boards.


Overall, inflatables are inexpensive compared to hard boards. Just another reason that an inflatable paddle board is the better starter, leisure and travel choice.

But it should be noted, you can buy a cheaper paddle board than an iRocker but you can’t buy a better one. iRockers are the best-quality inflatable SUP on the market, while still maintaining an incredibly fair price.

Bonus: You definitely won’t make the mistake of many first-time buyers when they purchase a hard SUP. It’s often that people purchase paddleboards that are too small, big or light for them. With iRocker’s “one size fits all” and adjustable air pressure, this will never be a problem. You can have the peace of mind in knowing an iSUP is suitable for a wide range of heights and sizes. No worry of buying the wrong board type.


This all depends on you. Planning on bringing your kid or pup along for a ride? An iSUP will do the job. An inflatable board’s deck is less slippery and resists damage better than a hard board. An epoxy, carbon or fiberglass board has a shiny, slick surface that’ll make balance difficult if you’re not on the traction pad.

People are often amazed at how rock-hard their iSUP gets when filled to the full PSI. iSUPs are rigid with a soft traction pad on the surface, made to perform well while keeping you safe and still. Your precious cargo will stay put and your iSUP will remain scratch- and dent- free. No-brainer.

When an inflatable board is the best choice:

  1. If you frequently travel
  2. If you’re interested in whitewater paddling
  3. If you want to paddle in new locations that kayaks and boats can’t reach
  4. If you don’t have a way to transport or store a large hard board
  5. If you want a stable board for yoga

The reasons to go with an iSUP are glaring, and that’s based on extensive research and not just our humble opinions. So make a move and choose a board, because the weather’s just right and the water’s calling your name.

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